Lenape Educational programs - New Jersey

Lenape Educational programs

Focusing on New Jersey's first people 'The Lenape', our organization is highly dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the prehistory of New Jersey and the surrounding region. Our Lenape Educational programs in New Jersey are the live historical tours to the introduction of the brief history of Lenape inhabiting the NJ area back in times. We offer the valuable insights in the Lenape culture, Lenape living style, their living techniques and the symbiotic lifestyle with nature. The Lenape Indians and their Delaware Indian culture offer more than you expect. Well received by schools, libraries, nature centers, historical organizations and civic groups in NJ, our Lenape Educational programs teach about traditional Lenape culture, focusing on daily life which followed the rhythms of nature's cycles.

Native wilderness skill workshops - New Jersey

Native wilderness skill workshops

Join Traditional Earth Skills LLC in NJ for a basic wilderness survival and self-reliance course and learn natural resource based primitive wilderness survival skills utilized by indigenous populations for hundreds of thousands of years. These skills have served mankind for hundreds of thousands of years and need no modern materials or supplies. Class topics will include: fire by friction, trapping small game, basic shelter building, water collection and purification, local edible and medicinal plants, making rope from plants, basic land navigation utilizing the sun and the stars, creating a survival kit for your car and backpack, and much more. We are completely dedicated to re- uniting people with the ancient ways of the ancestors.

Land Preservation and Stewardship Program - New Jersey

Land Preservation and Stewardship Program

Have you ever looked across your local property and thought about some proper land management goals you would like to take to the next level? Maybe Traditional Earth Skills LLC in NJ can help. Our Land Preservation and Stewardship Program in New Jersey helps you build on your existing land conservation efforts while strengthening your own operation. Whether you are looking to enhance grazing conditions, develop wildlife habitat, or increase crop yields, we can custom design our plan to help you meet those basic goals. We at Traditional Earth Skills LLC offer Forestry Service, Forest Stewardship program logical Sustainability and much more in NJ. We can assist you to schedule timely planting of the cover crops, develop a grazing plan that will develop your forage base. The local habitats and their populations of plants and animals provide valuable ecological services and are one of the most important sources of economic activity in the region. Traditional Earth Skills LLC helps you to work for the conservation of this habitat for the ultimate betterment of local community including you.

School Workshops - New Jersey

School Workshops

Traditional Earth Skills LLC in New Jersey offers premium quality school workshops at extremely affordable rates. The school children are the future leaders, artists, environmentalists and the foundation of the future world. The core mission of the school workshop offered by us in NJ is to unleash the creative and intellectual potential of young people to solve the world’s toughest problems. We aim at improving the basics life skills while offering a great adventurous experience to the school children. Our expert trainers help the school children in NJ to learn and earn life experiences from the things around us in nature. This intuitive learning experience is exceptional and worth great lessons in Life.

The North American Tipi Program - New Jersey

The North American Tipi Program

A North American Tipi is a cone-shaped tent, traditionally made of animal skins upon wooden poles. A tipi is distinguished from other conical tents by the smoke flaps at the top of the structure. Historically, the tipi was used by Indigenous people of the Plains in the Great Plains and Canadian Prairies of North America, as well as by indigenous peoples of northern Europe and Asia under other names. In our The North American Tipi special 2 hour program, Mike (with audience participants) will be setting up a full-size plain hunting tipi, while discussing his first-hand experience of living in this unique shelter. Why do they face east? Can you have a fire in one? Your guide will answer These questions and much more.

Scouting Events  - New Jersey

Scouting Events

Exploring the nature around us, whether wild rivers, remote trails or the coastal waters affects people in profound ways. Knowing this, the Traditional Earth Skills LLC in NJ offer quite a few programs designed to help to enhance the Scouting experience. We offer the comprehensive scouting workshops in New Jersey for the boy's scout as well as girls scout. Among these events are the Lenape Native American presentation, local plant uses, fire by friction, and a very fun Atlatl dart throw. The atlatl is an old dart thrower used by the early hunter/gatherers throughout the globe. As a skilled scout himself in the late 70’s our scouting instructor Mike always strives to offer a very entertaining and informative program.

Outdoor Education Center - New Jersey

Outdoor Education Center

The Traditional Earth Skills LLC offers a top-notch outdoor education center in NJ which is one of the premier outdoor education programs. We provide hands-on opportunities for all the students in outdoor recreation and education, promote the preservation and conservation of the natural environment, and develop the leadership skills in students. We at Traditional Earth Skills LLC believe it's important that everybody can get out and have fun without losing sight of the general mission to educate and build leadership skills. Our dedicated and professional staff are responsible for directing, coordinating and facilitating outdoor education and environmental study programs at the Traditional Earth Skills LLC.

Handmade Artifacts - New Jersey

Handmade Artifacts

We live in an industrial and consumerist world where many things are mass produced in great amounts. Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that. It’s great that some things are manufactured in massive quantities to fill a global demand for them. But it’s also wonderful that more number of people everywhere are beginning to embrace things that are made by hand in small numbers. Traditional Earth Skills LLC offers a wide variety of handmade articles and superior quality authentic handmade artifacts at extremely affordable rates. Many clients visit us for the authentic and best quality handmade artifacts in NJ.

Environmental Education Center - New Jersey

Environmental Education Center

The Traditional Earth Skills LLC' Environmental Education Center in NJ has been a pioneer in environmental education efforts in New Jersey and has conducted a variety of programs to spread awareness and interest among the masses. In our environmental education program, we make a cooperative project to integrate themes of civic responsibility and environmental issues for the members. At Traditional Earth Skills LLC in NJ, we make sure that all the members participating in this program have a life enriching experience with us. We strive to build a common goal towards environmental sustainability and bring the sense of awareness about our Mother Earth.